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What exactly is a “T-Shaped” Marketer?

Every single facet of digital marketing can be used to inform the marketing strategy of another.

For example, you can use:

  • Facebook Ads to build a larger email list…
  • Email to encourage people to join your community, and…
  • Community conversations to inform your content calendar.

In fact…

There are endless ways to connect all the skills in digital marketing:

A content marketer has perfected the art of growing an audience through organic traffic strategies.

But a T-shaped content marketer can take their content and use it to build a full-fledged marketing plan by incorporating…

  • Keyword research to determine which blog post topics to rank for
  • Data and optimization tactics for updating content and staying relevant, and
  • Social media sharing to build authority and brand awareness

In another field, a copywriter is tasked with writing promotional copy for email, paid ads, and products.

But a T-shaped copywriter knows the exact language that reaches their intended audience by understanding…

  • Email Marketing best practices
  • The stages of the Customer Value Journey
  • Community Management

And that’s where the picture starts to get a little bit clearer.

As a marketer, you already know what you’re especially good at or passionate about (this is the bottom of your T).

You might even have a broad idea of each digital marketing discipline (the top of your T), but not enough confidence to build a full marketing plan or offer those services to clients.

But T-shaped marketers have a competitive edge because they combine the strengths of generalists and specialists.

So that you can be a “Jack (or Jill) of all trades,” and master of whatever you choose!

And that’s why we created…

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